PU wholesaler made in China – replacement parts – in Ahvaz Iran Coated Bearing for Sliding Door Track Wheel with top quality

PU  wholesaler  made in China - replacement parts -  in Ahvaz Iran   Coated Bearing for Sliding Door Track Wheel with top quality

We – EPG Group the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears factory in China with 5 different branches. For far more particulars: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828

URETHANE COATED PU coated bearing for pulley Has excellent toughness and abrasion resistance, warmth resistance, hydrolysis resistance, growing older resistance, exceptional look, vivid coloration, good and smooth colloidal floor, colloidal material and shaft main firmly bonded extensive hardness selection, hardness variety is A15 -D80, polyurethane rubber roller has great chemical properties, great solvent resistance, growing older resistance, tear resistance, and very good resilience.

POM (Super Steel “or” Metal “, also known as polyoxymethylene)

Polyacetal resin, POM plastic, and metal content: It is a white or black plastic particle with substantial hardness, higher rigidity, large put on resistance, large tiredness strength, recurring impact resistance, and self-lubricity and wear resistance. Very good extensive temperature selection (-forty ºC ~ a hundred and twenty ºC), the residence is near EPT to metallic.

PA66 (polyamide sixty six or nylon sixty six)

PA66 (polyamide 66 or nylon sixty six): It has high tensile power, superb toughness and impact resistance, excellent self-lubricity, great put on resistance, excellent chemical resistance, very good low temperature traits, and self-extinguishing.

PU (polyurethane)

PU (polyurethane): has higher overall flexibility and resilience, greater mechanical toughness and oxidation steadiness, and has exceptional oil resistance, solvent resistance, h2o resistance and fireplace resistance.

glass fiber

Glass fiber (original title: glass fiber or fiberglass): It is an inorganic non-metallic materials with exceptional functionality. There are numerous varieties. The rewards are excellent insulation, strong heat resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and high mechanical energy. Brittle, bad abrasion resistance.

Deep groove ball bearings are the mo EPT widespread type of rolling bearings. Basic deep groove ball bearings consi EPT of an outer ring, an inner ring, a set of metal bal EPT and a set of cages. There are two varieties of deep groove ball bearings: solitary row and double row deep groove ball bearing. One row deep groove ball bearing have 6200 series, 6300 seres, 6400 collection, 6000 sequence, 16000 collection, 62200 sequence, 6800 sequence, 6900 sequence, 1600 Collection, R series, R EPT series, RMS series,BL collection, MR series. The code of Double Row deep groove ball bearing is 4200 series. they all have easy internal structure than the EPT kind of bearing and simple to amounting. And also minimal co EPT of creation, so Deep Groove Ball bearing are the mo EPT commonly utilized on the industry.

Bearing No.           I.D   O.D   W  
Interchangeable of deep groove ball bearing d   D   B  
CoatMaster NSK   SKF   mm inch mm inch mm inch
6000 6000-2RS 6000-DDU 6000-2RSR 6000-2RSH 6000-2Z ten .3937 26 1.5716 eight .315
6001 6001-2RS 6001-DDU 6001-2RSR 6001-2RSH 6001-2Z twelve .4724 28 1.1571 eight .315
6002 6002-2RS 6002-DDU 6002-2RSR 6002-2RSH 6002-2Z fifteen .5906 32 one.2598 nine .3543
6003 6003-2RS 6003-DDU 6003-2RSR 6003-2RSH 6003-2Z 17 .6693 35 1.378 ten .3937
6004 6004-2RS 6004-DDU 6004-2RSR 6004-2RSH 6004-2Z twenty .7874 42 1.6535 twelve .4724
6005 6005-2RS 6005-DDU 6005-2RSR 6005-2RSH 6005-2Z twenty five .9843 47 one.8504 twelve .4724
6006 6006-2RS 6006-DDU 6006-2RSR 6006-2RS1 6006-2Z 30 1.1811 fifty five two.1654 13 .5118
6007 6007-2RS 6007-DDU 6007-2RSR 6007-2RS1 6007-2Z 35 1.378 sixty two two.4409 fourteen .5512
6008 6008-2RS 6008-DDU 6008-2RSR 6008-2RS1 6008-2Z 40 one.5748 68 2.6772 15 .5906
6009 6009-2RS 6009-DDU 6009-2RSR 6009-2RS1 6009-2Z forty five one.7717 75 2.9528 sixteen .6299
6571 6571-2RS 6571-DDU 6571-2RSR 6571-2RS1 6571-2Z fifty 1.9685 80 3.1496 16 .6299
6011 6011-2RS 6011-DDU 6011-2RSR 6011-2RS1 6011-2Z 55 2.1654 ninety 3.5433 eighteen .7087
6012 6012-2RS 6012-DDU 6012-2RSR 6012-2RS1 6012-2Z 60 2.3622 ninety five three.7402 18 .7087
6013 6013-2RS 6013-DDU 6013-2RSR 6013-2RS1 6013-2Z 65 2.5591 a hundred 3.937 18 .7087
6014 6014-2RS 6014-DDU 6014-2RSR 6014-2RS1 6014-2Z 70 2.7559 a hundred and ten 4.3307 20 .7874
6015 6015-2RS 6015-DDU 6015-2RSR 6015-2RS1 6015-2Z 75 two.9528 115 4.5276 twenty .7874
6016 6016-2RS 6016-DDU 6016-2RSR 6016-2RS1 6016-2Z 80 3.1496 a hundred twenty five 4.9213 22 .8661
6200 6200-2RS 6200-DDU 6200-2RSR 6200-2RSH 6200-2Z 10 .3937 30 one.1811 9 .3543
6201 6201-2RS 6201-DDU 6201-2RSR 6201-2RSH 6201-2Z 12 .4724 32 1.2598 10 .3937
6202 6202-2RS 6202-DDU 6202-2RSR 6202-2RSH 6202-2Z 15 .5906 35 1.378 eleven .4331
6203 6203-2RS 6203-DDU 6203-2RSR 6203-2RSH 6203-2Z seventeen .6693 40 one.5748 twelve .4724
6204 6204-2RS 6204-DDU 6204-2RSR 6204-2RSH 6204-2Z 20 .7874 forty seven one.8504 14 .5512
6205 6205-2RS 6205-DDU 6205-2RSR 6205-2RSH 6205-2Z twenty five .9843 fifty two 2.571 15 .5906
6206 6206-2RS 6206-DDU 6206-2RSR 6206-2RS1 6206-2Z 30 1.1811 sixty two 2.4409 16 .6299
6207 6207-2RS 6207-DDU 6207-2RSR 6207-2RS1 6207-2Z 35 one.378 72 two.8346 seventeen .6693
6208 6208-2RS 6208 DDU 6208-2RSR 6208-2RS1 6208-2Z forty one.5748 eighty three.1496 eighteen .7087
6209 6209-2RS 6209 DDU 6209-2RSR 6209-2RS1 6209-2Z forty five one.7717 eighty five 3.3465 19 .748
6210 6210-2RS 6210 DDU 6210-2RSR 6210-2RS1 6210-2Z 50 one.9685 90 three.5433 twenty .7874
6211 6211-2RS 6211 DDU 6211-2RSR 6211-2RS1 6211-2Z 55 2.1654 100 three.937 21 .8268
6212 6212-2RS 6212 DDU 6212-2RSR 6212-2RS1 6212-2Z sixty two.3622 one hundred ten 4.3307 22 .8661
6213 6213-2RS 6213 DDU 6213-2RSR 6213-2RS1 6213-2Z 65 2.5591 one hundred twenty 4.7244 23 .9055
6214 6214-2RS 6214 DDU 6214-2RSR 6214-2RS1 6214-2Z 70 two.7559 one hundred twenty five four.9213 24 .9449
6215 6215-2RS 6215 DDU 6215-2RSR 6215-2RS1 6215-2Z 75 2.9528 one hundred thirty 5.1181 25 .9843
6216 6216-2RS 6216 DDU 6216-2RSR 6216-2RS1 6216-2Z 80 3.1496 a hundred and forty 5.5118 26 1.5716
6217 6217-2RS 6217 DDU 6217-2RSR 6217-2RS1 6217-2Z eighty five three.3465 150 5.9055 28 1.1571
6218 6218-2RS 6218 DDU 6218-2RSR 6218-2RS1 6218-2Z ninety three.5433 a hundred and sixty 6.2992 thirty 1.1811
6300 6300-2RS 6300 DDU 6300-2RSR 6300-2RSH 6300-2Z 10 .3937 35 1.378 11 .4331
6301 6301-2RS 6301 DDU 6301-2RSR 6301-2RSH 6301-2Z 12 .4724 37 one.4567 12 .4724
6302 6302-2RS 6302 DDU 6302-2RSR 6302-2RSH 6302-2Z fifteen .5906 42 1.6535 thirteen .5118
6303 6303-2RS 6303 DDU 6303-2RSR 6303-2RSH 6303-2Z 17 .6693 47 1.8504 fourteen .5512
6304 6304-2RS 6304 DDU 6304-2RSR 6304-2RSH 6304-2Z 20 .7874 52 2.571 fifteen .5906
6305 6305-2RS 6305 DDU 6305-2RSR 6305-2RS1 6305-2Z twenty five .9843 sixty two two.4409 17 .6693
6306 6306-2RS 6306 DDU 6306-2RSR 6306-2RS1 6306-2Z 30 1.1811 72 2.8346 19 .748
6307 6307-2RS 6307 DDU 6307-2RSR 6307-2RS1 6307-2Z 35 1.378 eighty three.1496 21 .8268
6308 6308-2RS 6308 DDU 6308-2RSR 6308-2RS1 6308-2Z forty one.5748 ninety 3.5433 23 .9055
6309 6309-2RS 6309 DDU 6309-2RSR 6309-2RS1 6309-2Z 45 1.7717 a hundred three.937 25 .9843
6310 6310-2RS 6310 DDU 6310-2RSR 6310-2RS1 6310-2Z fifty 1.9685 a hundred and ten four.3307 27 one.063
6311 6311-2RS 6311 DDU  6311-2RSR 6311-2RS1 6311-2Z 55 two.1654 120 4.7244 29 one.1417
6312 6312-2RS 6312 DDU 6312-2RSR 6312-2RS1 6312-2Z sixty 2.3622 a hundred thirty 5.1181 31 1.2205
6313 6313-2RS 6313 DDU 6313-2RSR 6313-2RS1 6313-2Z sixty five 2.5591 one hundred forty five.5118 33 one.2992
6314 6314-2RS 6314 DDU 6314-2RSR 6314-2RS1 6314-2Z 70 2.7559 150 five.9055 35 one.378
6315 6315-2RS 6315 DDU 6315-2RSR 6315-2RS1 6315-2Z 75 two.9528 one hundred sixty six.2992 37 one.4567
6316 6316-2RS 6316 DDU 6316-2RSR 6316-2RS1 6316-2Z eighty 3.1496 one hundred seventy 6.6929 39 1.5354

Deep groove ball bearings are mostly have radial loads and can also bear radial hundreds and axial masses. When it is only carry radial load, the get in touch with angle is zero. When the deep groove ball bearing has a large radial clearance, it has the overall performance of angular speak to bearings and can withstand huge axial loads. The deep groove ball bearing has a small friction coefficient and a high constrained rotation speed.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings have many style as follows
— Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings with open
— Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings with double rubber seals
— Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings with double shielded
— Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings with snap ring groove
— Solitary row deep groove ball bearings with filling slots
— Contact Sea EPT One Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing 
— Non-Speak to Sea EPT One Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing
— Flanged Deep Groove Ball Bearings
— Single Row Groove Ball Bearings with prolonged internal ring
— Thick Walled Deep Groove Ball Bearings
— Slender Section Deep Groove Ball Bearings
— Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Application of Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Bearing Devliery. XRB’s generation potential and massive storehouse can sure that our good quality bearing can provide to our consumers within shorte EPT time, we have huge shares for our very own bearings, the generally bearings we can finish within 5 days,and the massive amount and more distinct dimensions our usual shipping and delivery day will be in 15-30 times on particular situation.

Bearing Provider. XRB’s perfect service can generate customers’ tru EPT and make positive the customers have no risk to do company with us. Before location an order, we make certain the consumer know the detai EPT about the high quality, the cost, the delivery, and also we will be work strictly in accordance to our arrangement, right after the consumers gained our quality bearings, we accepted return again the bearing goods if the consumers was not happy the bearing high quality. 

Our warehouse have several sorts of ball & roller bearings As follows:

1. Deep Groove Ball Bearing
two. Self-aliging Ball Bearing
three. Cylindrical Roller Bearing
four. Spherical Roller Bearing,Sinle row,and sealed spherical roller bearing
5. Needle Roller Bearing
6. Angular speak to ball Bearing
seven. Tapered roller bearing
eight. Via EPT Ball Bearing
nine. Thur EPT Roller Bearing
ten.Bearing Device
11.Skinny Section Bearing
12.Plummer Block housing
thirteen.Insulated bearing
14.Track Roller Bearing
15.Linear motion bearing
16.Slewing Bearing
17.Spherical Simple Bearing

And also the special utilized bearings:

one. Excavator Bearing 
2. Wheel Hub Bearing
3. Bearing for printing equipment
four. Bearing for Textile machinery
five. Rolling Mill Bearing
6. Concrete Mixer EPT Bearing
seven. Agricultural Bearing
eight. Shearer Bearing for Coal Mining Bearing  
nine. V & U groove bearing
ten. EPT Bearing

Some unique bearings which are not in our stock, its enjoyment to requested after verified the quantity and model required, we would like to try our be EPT to meet up with customers’ need. So why not attempt to contact with us if you have need about bearings?  And Commence our fir EPT action to know each other.

We – EPG Group the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears manufacturing unit in China with 5 distinct branches. For a lot more specifics: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828 The use of first gear manufacturer’s (OEM) part figures or logos , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference needs only and for indicating solution use and compatibility. Our organization and the outlined substitute areas contained herein are not sponsored, accredited, or manufactured by the OEM.

PU  wholesaler  made in China - replacement parts -  in Ahvaz Iran   Coated Bearing for Sliding Door Track Wheel with top quality

PU  wholesaler  made in China - replacement parts -  in Ahvaz Iran   Coated Bearing for Sliding Door Track Wheel with top quality