Printing Machine Flexographic Printing Machinery Flex Printing Machine

Printing Machine Flexographic Printing Machinery Flex Printing Machine

printing Machine&solFlexographic Printing CZPT&solFlex Printing Device  

Changhong CZPT Company is mainly engaged in design and manufacturing of printing equipment&interval It is able of independently developing new flexographic printing machines&interval

CZPT merchandise developed in the current a long time&comma we have many varieties equipment&comma this kind of as standard-speed ten-60m&solmin&comma Center-velocity 10-100m&solmin&comma &comma substantial-speed above 120m&solmin standards&time period

The merchandise of Changhong mostly feature steady and easy procedure&comma very good toughness&comma simple maintenance&comma even inking&comma robust steadiness and lengthy provider daily life&time period

If want any online video or knowledge about our machine&comma pls make contact with Holiday getaway &colon -18857728175&excl

1&interval The main attributes&colon
one&period Take it easy&comma precise shade&comma prolonged existence&interval
two&interval Use motors&comma variable frequency speed handle&comma saving electrical energy&comma modest operating fluctuations&period of time
three&period of time Off printing roll automated end the ink-working motor&comma and up-printing roll automated commence running the ink&interval
four&period Use unique diagonal-tooth equipment&comma exact printing size&period
5&period Two sets of heating devices&comma such as central heating and continuous temperature management system for team handle&period of time
six&time period Lower-roller particular metal processing&comma and unique procedure&comma and plating thickness of &period1mm protecting layer of tough chromium&period of time
seven Alloy roll with hard oxidation&comma treating by dynamic stability&comma static balanced&period
eight With cold wind bellows&comma and can efficiently stop create with ink adhesion soon after printing
9&period Print create are distinct and excellent arrangement quality&interval
10&time period CZPT&colon NSK&comma Japan Brand name&comma Germany ASNU aluminum alloy roll

2&time period Equipment procedure&colon
Unwinding unit—–car stress controller for unwind ——EPC for proper place ———Flexo printing ———–Heating and drying ——-Rewinding Unit

3&period of time Machine different needs&colon
1&rpar equipment width require&colon
CZPT&colon 600&comma 800&comma a thousand&comma 1200&comma 1400&comma 1600mm
Particular&colon 1800&comma 2000&comma 2200&comma 2400m&comma 3200mm etc&period

two&rpar equipment velocity demand&colon
CZPT &sol typical velocity&colon 10-60m&solmin
Center speed&colon ten-90m&solmin
Large speed&colon 10-130m&solmin

3&rpar device printing material demand&colon
CZPT&colon For plastic film&comma PE&comma PP&comma OPP&comma HDPE&comma LDPE&comma etc&time period And 30-150gsm paper
CZPT two&colon Only for paper&comma 50-350gsm
CZPT 3&colon Only for non woven material
Specific&colon For alumnium foil&comma pp woven bag and many others&time period

If you want to talk additional about device you need&comma pls contact Holday &colon -18857728175&excl

Model CH802-800F
Max&period print material width 850mm
Printing  width 760mm
Printing material OPP&colon20~70μm&commaBOPP&colon18~60μm&commaPE&colon35~100μm&comma
NY&colon20~50μm&commaPE&colon12~80μm&commaCPP&colon20~60μm&comma paper&colon 20~100g&solm2
Printing color 2  color  &lpar2&plus0&comma 1&plus1&rpar
Printing length seven&period5″~forty”&lpar190mm~1000mm&rpar
M e ch a nical speed 80m&solmin
Printing speed 10m- 70m&solmin
Register precision Longitude&colon&pm0&period25mm  Transverse&colon&pm0&period25mm
Rewinder&solUnwinder DIA Φ six 00mm
Printing plate lifting system Auto CZPT cylinder control printing roll up and down
EPC  system&colon Edge Position Controller&comma 1 PC
Tension system Automatic tension control for unwinding and rewinding&comma 2PCS
Unwinding loading and rewinding unloading way By air shaft &comma with 5kg magnetic 2 pcs
With 1&period5 kw  motor compages rewinding
Printing  Pressure M echanical adjust
Anilxo roll CZPT metal anilxo roll &lpar1 -300PLI&rpar
Higher&colon ceramic anilox roller &lpar 3 00-800lpi&rpar&comma single doctor blade
CZPT motor 3&period7Kw ZheJiang  BRAND
Drying way  CZPTal heat drying
Drying power six  kw
Blower of nature wind &period95 Kw x2pcs
Inking motor ZheJiang  brand
 CZPT frequency converter 3&period7 kw
CZPT power 12 Kw
Dimension&lparL×W×H&rpar two&period7  ×2&time period 2 ×  two&period3 m

Printing Machine Flexographic Printing Machinery Flex Printing Machine