Insulation Material Fiber Glass Battery Separator Glass Mat

Insulation Material Fiber Glass Battery Separator  Glass Mat

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The AGM battery separator has very good acid resistance, equivalent thickness, substantial quantity porosity, sufficient tensile reinforce equally in device direction and cross path, great compression capability to ensure the higher plate team strain, and very good insulative capacity and so forth. It can soak up ample electrolyte, offer the channels for hydrogen and oxygen free of charge passing to respond, prevent the active components from falling off, sluggish the generation of lead crystal, and minimize the decline of electrolyte in demand & decline maintenance, it is also has a lengthy using daily life. 

Guide-Acid batteries (VRLA batteries). UPS electrical power offer, CZPTal power system, Railway signal, Telecommunication tools, Crisis lights, Hearth manage and Alarming program, Generator starting up, CZPTal car and Motor-cycle, Price-regulated, Photo voltaic & Wind electricity. 
Thickness: .5-five.0mm 
Dimensions could be CZPT.
We apply superior technology to each customer’s distinct needs. Each and every product must satisfy your special specs for uniformity, compression, pore dimension, absorption, and wicking qualities. 

Thickness (mm) ±0.05 1.61
Tensile Toughness (Mpa) ≥3. 5.75
CZPTal Resistance (Ω.dm²) ≤0.0015 .0008
Max.Pore Size (um) ≤30 24
Volume Porosity (%) ≥85 91.nine


Insulation Material Fiber Glass Battery Separator  Glass Mat