3 Motor Computer Control 8 Color Plastic Rotogravure Printing Machine in 160 Mpm

3 Motor Computer Control 8 Color Plastic Rotogravure Printing Machine in 160 Mpm

Applicable materials:

This machine is used for BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, aluminum foil and roll 
paper with excellent properties of thin film reel material printing more 
continuous printing color, widely applied in all kinds of high grade print.
Principal Construction Character:

1.Unwind and Rewind:Created-in double location with double arm and double station , Flatulence axis loading and unloading,unwinding double magnetic powder and the rewinding double torque motor, modify quick, protected and reliable,Computerized chopping,
higher-speed non-quit modify components

Printing:vertical sign-up technique,higher precision and much less squander.medical doctor blade performs with double-axis.generate by unbiased motor


two.Dry oven:Patent technology,lower consumption oven,large wind strain large performance and energy conserving program, several return air highway, will save power


three.Management:With the Siemens PLC manage, YASKAWA frequency converter, a few motor pressure management method,primary components are imported brand.

Main CZPT Parameters
Model GWASY-600B1 GWASY-800B1 GWASY-1000B1 GWASY-1200B1
Printing colors 8   (user can increase or decrease)
Diameter of printing cylinder one hundred-320mm
Max.printing width 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
Diameter of unwind/rewind 600mm
Machine printing speed 180m/min
Max.printing speed 160m/min
Register precision ±0.1mm
Drying method CZPT heating and steam heating or oil heating
Total power 100kw 120kw 130kw 140kw
Weight of machine 15000KG 16000KG 17000KG 18000KG
Overall dimension 13500*2500*2610mm 13500*2700*2610mm 13500*2900*2610mm 13500*3100*2610mm

  1. Dual station turret, inching rotation.
  2. Adopt with magnet powder brake
  3. The unwind traction adopt with vector frequency motor 
  4. Adopt with automobile tension controller
  5. Horizontal adjustment of printing content manually
  6. Place the scroll with inflatable shaft assist, mounted on the rolling bearing on the unwinding axis
  7.  No cease, manual cutting material
  8. Max diameter of unwind:600mm
  9. Floating roller to modify the tension,stress floating roller potentionmeter can do situation inspection, with PLC and frequency converter,it recognize close loop controlling.

    Color register Change the use of synchronous motor Payment roller adopt, floating, cell for ball screw, the gap is little, flexible perform,Quick response price

Printing stress construction

  1. CZPT cylinder, linear guideway variety pneumatic roller φ120mm,PU rubber.
  2. Cylinder installation: shaftless pneumatic kind

Medical doctor blade

  1. The knife rest device for double blade, 3 assortment structural adjustment, to generate the ideal placement and angle of the blade.
  2. knife can move, pushed by an unbiased motor, decrease the affect on the printing part
  3. The movement of the medical doctor blade: ±5mm 


  1. Design and style of monochromatic team unbiased drying method
  2. Oven closed, the heat resource can be two instances the return air utilization, vitality preserving
  3. Nozzle, flat mouth prolonged
  4. The heat supply for the electric powered heating
  5. Aerodynamic design, door variety box human body opening of limited sealing, easy to use content
  6. Centralized waste gasoline discharging pipeline
  7. Constant consistent temperature clever manage
  8. Oven outside


3 Motor Computer Control 8 Color Plastic Rotogravure Printing Machine in 160 Mpm