LiFePO4 3.2V 30ah Lithium Battery for Electric Motor

LiFePO4 3.2V 30ah Lithium Battery for Electric Motor

LiFePO4 three.2V 30ah Lithium Battery for CZPT Motor

CTS is a expert manufacturer partaking in analysis,growth,generation,marketing and advertising and support of lithium ion pouch battery cell, battery pack and battery management system.
LiFePo4 and NMC(Li(NiCoMn)O2) are the significant material. We have much more 30 types of cells, and could make OEM battery pack from 12v-200v, ten-200ah, which can be employed in electric powered vehicle, E-bicycle, UPS, vitality storage method, telecommunication base station, E-scooter, E-instruments,unmanned airplane, golf cart, fork elevate, cleansing vehicle , electric wheelchair, and so forth.

1. specification of 3.2v 20 ah (dimension six.five*one hundred sixty*227mm)

N0 Item Specification Notes
1 Module Type six.five*160*227mm Lifepo4
two Array Mode 1P1S  
three Nominal Capability 20Ah at 23±2ºC CZPT cost and discharge
four Minimum Ability 20Ah  
five Nominal Voltage 3.2V  
six Energy 64Wh at23±2ºC  
seven Charging Voltage three.65±0.05V  
eight Discharge End Voltage
9 CZPT Charging Approach
CCCV and CC is .5C
Tempeature23±2ºC,charge stop with 2.5h or current drops to .02
10 Max.Demand Recent 1C Temperature23±2ºC
11 CZPT Discharging Strategy 1C Constant Present Discharge with 1C
12 Max.Discharge Current 3C Discharge Time: Significantly less than 10 s(at23±2ºC)
13 Cycle daily life > 4000cycles  
fourteen Operating Temperature 0ºC~45ºC Charging Operating
fifteen Storage Attribute
1 thirty day period Temperature :-20ºC~50ºC
    3 months Temperature :-20ºC~45ºC
    1 year Temperature :-20ºC~20ºC
sixteen Relative Humidity for Storage <75%  
17 Cost Retention and Potential
CZPTvery Characteristic
Charge Retention Rate≥55%
and Ability CZPTvery Rate≥
Storage the battery for 20d at 60ºC right after fully
charge with common cost technique.

2. Specification of three.2v 20ah (measurement:eight.3*142*240mm)

NO. Merchandise  Specifications
1 Product F83142240
two Shell Aluminum CZPT Film
CZPT capacity for battery technique  
Rated voltage(Function Voltage)  
five Max. Demand voltage 3.65V
6 Max. Demand present 40.0A (2Cfive A)
seven Lower-off voltage two.0V
8 CZPT demand and discharge current  
20.0A (one.0CfiveA)
nine Max steady discharge current  
sixty.0A (three.0C5A)
ten Bodyweight (which includes scenario) About 485.0g
11 Interior Impedance(Max, at 1000Hz) ≤2.5mΩ
CZPT Charge method 1.0C CC demand to3.65V, 3.65V CV cost to .05C cut-off
 Operate temperature
 charge 0ºC~40ºC
discharge -20ºC~55ºC
 storage -20ºC~45ºC

Cell catalog


Battery sort Capacity Dimensions(mm) Bodyweight(g) Charge/Discharge charge
pouch battery
10AH nine*59*156 187 1C/2C
10AH nine.5*ninety*a hundred and fifty 270 1C/3C
10AH 6.six*118*a hundred and fifty five 238 3C/5C
10AH six.eight*68*270 249 3C/5C
20AH seven.5*one hundred sixty*232 496 1C/3C
20AH six.*one hundred sixty*a hundred and eighty 480 1C/1C
20AH eight.2*a hundred thirty*208 473 1C/1C
26AH 10*181*241 740 5C/8C
32AH eleven*181*241 780 3C/5C
40AH 10*one hundred sixty*227 800 1C/3C
40AH ten*a hundred and eighty*260 857 3C/5C
40AH 8.5*188*236 760 1C/1C
 pouch battery
10AH 9.five*90*a hundred and fifty 239 2C/5C
10AH 8.*68*270 266 4C/6C
10AH eight.*118*155 256 4C/6C
20AH 6.five*a hundred and sixty*227 465g 2C/3C
20AH nine.2*126*236 492 1C/3C
20AH 8.3*one hundred fifty*170 490 1C/3C
25AH 8.five*137*232 560 2C/3C
25AH nine.*133*200 580g 1C/3C
30AH nine.*one hundred sixty*222 665 1C/3C
30AH 9.two*170*240 690 1C/3C
38AH ten*a hundred and sixty*222 770 2C/3C
40AH eight.five*188*236 1kg 1C/1C
50AH 322 0571 three 1.65kg 1C/1C
50AH 32173128 1.35kg 1C/1C
60AH 60150165 1.8kg 1C/1C
80AH 60155710 2.7kg 1C/1C
100AH 60155715 three.1kg 1C/1C

Item advantage

 lithium ion battery Safety performance

Merchandise Test name Consequence
one Over charge No fire,no explosion
two Over discharge No fire,no explosion
3 Short Circuit No fire,no explosion
4 Drop No fire,no explosion,no leakage
5 Hot oven No fire,no explosion
6 Crush No fire,no explosion
7 Needle puncture No fire,no explosion

Cells can be made to modules to boost capability.
Good choice for EV and ESS

About CTS

CTS is a skilled company partaking in study,advancement,creation,advertising and services of lithium ion pouch battery mobile, battery pack and battery management technique.
LiFePo4 and NMC(Li(NiCoMn)O2) are the main substance. We have much more thirty varieties of cells, and could make OEM battery pack from 12v-200v, 10-200ah, which can be utilized in electric vehicle, E-bike, UPS, vitality storage method, telecommunication base station, E-scooter, E-equipment,unmanned airplane, golf cart, fork elevate, cleansing vehicle , electric wheelchair, etc.

About warranty: we promise replacement within 12 months if any quality problems are found.

About certificate:  our products passed the CE, ROHS, FCC certification

About delivery time: For sample, 1-3 work days only.
                                   For formal order, 7-15 days after deposit.
                                   For OEM, 10 -15 days after receiving your sample confirmation and payment.
About price: The most favorable price in the same quality products.

Manufacturing unit demonstrate

Core competitiveness

one.CTS is equipped with the stated-of the art automatic production line and sophisticated production facilities, which lay a solid foundation for the conformance and reliability of our products.

2. The first-class technological process and dust-free workshop environment control with low humidity and high cleanness escort for the stability of the products.

3. The improvement of the unique and innovative technical process can upgraded the adhesion of the electrode plates so as to avoid producing inner bubble and promote the conformity and service life of products.

4. Reprocessing row material that applies highly conductive and thermally conductive grapheme optimizes the collocation of the materials, thus minimizing discharge rate and the temperature of battery with high-rate discharge performance.

five. The most professional R&D team keep up innovation and process-managing, optimizing product design to ensure that our products are the most competitive.

6. The most outstanding end product design team constantly bring forth the new through the old.


Sales Supervisor: Delores Yan
Tel: 1857144879

LiFePO4 3.2V 30ah Lithium Battery for Electric Motor